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Gay is the New Black like Me

GAY IS THE NEW BLACK LIKE ME How a Civil Rights Classic Still Resonates in Today’s Fights for Equality By YENNIE CHEUNG My classes have a thing or two to say about gay marriage, and it’s kind of distracting. Even before the recent legalization of gay marriage in New York, my students have been bringing…

too cool to be forgotten

Too Cool to be Forgotten

TOO COOL TO BE FORGOTTEN By ALEX ROBINSON Top Shelf Productions, 2008 ISBN: 9781891830983 125 Pages; Hardcover GENRE(S): Fiction, Graphic Novel Reviewed by Michael Ward Alex Robinson—winner of the Eisner, Harvey, and Ignatz Awards—made his impact in the world of independent comics with the release of his long running Box Office Poison, a comic book…

John Hodgman

The Influence of Anxiety

THE INFLUENCE OF ANXIETY: What Are Blurbs For? By DOROTHY PARKA I was seduced by John Hodgman. No, not that way! He seduced me into reading a book by blurbing it in a highly complimentary fashion. About ten years ago, I discovered that I didn’t like books that were blurbed by Padgett Powell. Powell, besides…