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top 7 mesopotamian inventions

Top 7 Mesopotamian Inventions

Mesopotamian Inventions

Mesopotamia has been regarded as the birth and origin of ancient innovations and inventions. These discoveries are still being used all over the world to improve the standard of living of people. Such implies that even though they may be known as ancient discoveries or inventions, there is no doubt that they are still adding plenty of value to the lives of many.

Mesopotamia has been widely known in history as a place where various activities started from. For instance, farming that is being done all over the world today, started from this place. The major reason for this was due to its fertile land which was perfect for such activities to be carried out. It was through the activity of farming that man has been able to survive in various environments today. Despite the fact that it seemed to have gotten far more advanced in recent times, credits must be given to those responsible for its discovery.

The major aim of this post is to have you exposed to the top and most notable Mesopotamian inventions. You will definitely be shocked that some of the items you are making use of today can be traced to have originated from here.

Wheel Invention

You have been using different means of transportation to carry various items to your home but haven’t really had the time to ask where the idea first came from. It will shock you to know that Mesopotamia was responsible for the invention of the first wheel. This was made of wood and used to carry various materials or items from one location to another. Logs were joined together and then rolled thereby making it very easy for heavy items to be carried around.

As time went on, they invented sledge which was used to connect both wooden wheels. This made the movement of objects smooth. Once they started to observe the movement on a daily basis, they decided to be making necessary adjustments that will aid easy movements. For instance, the wheels and axels where adjusted to be made use of separately.


The process of transporting by land was one that seemed hectic and time consuming. As time went on, Sumerians got to discover that it would be possible to move through the sea as they reasoned that it would be more convenient and faster. This was how the very first boat in the history of mankind came into being. It was used to make the movement of people and items possible through the river and sea.

Although the design of the sailboat was primitive back then, it was able to meet their transportation needs. For instance, it helped them to be successfully carrying out trade activities with other neighbouring locations. Initially, the boat was made use of in getting to cross the Tigris as well as Euphrates rivers. This was mainly for the purpose of carrying out fishing activities and also getting other areas explored for natural resources.


Time is one thing through which the world is being ruled today. Without time, most of your activities as a human will be unorganized. For instance, you wouldn’t know when to go to work, sleep or even carry out various important tasks. However, Mesopotamians have been able to leave a legacy behind that will stay forever.

They are responsible for the idea of time creation. This was achieved through getting units divided into about 60 parts. Such was how the minute (60 seconds) and hour (60 minutes) idea came into existence today. 60 was a number chosen due to how easy it was to be divided by 6.

The Numeral System

Mathematics has been the foundation of science through which there have been lots of discoveries in recent times. However, do you know that it all started from the idea of Sumerians? They invented the numeral system which later was a basis for mathematics. Sexagesimal was what it was referred to back then. The reason why it was given such a name was because of 60 being its number base. It is important to note that bureaucratic needs led to the development of mathematics.

There was the need for records to be kept as they were trading their harvest and bringing taxation policies into being. Also, there was need for symbols to get assigned to numbers as the lunar calendar needed to be prepared. As time went on, they began to make use of items to represent numbers. For instance, number 60 was represented by a clay cone that was large, a ball was representing number 10 and number 1 was represented by a small cone.

Astrology and Astronomy

Astrology was a concept introduced and developed during Sumerian era. They strongly believed that there was a spiritual meaning to the events of every day. They had this belief that there are reasons why good and bad things happen to people. For instance, astrologers observed the planet’s temporary position and gave people advice.

There is also the astronomical mythology which was handed by the Sumerians to Greeks. These are the constellation of Sagittarius, Leo and Capricorn. They are still presently being made use of in this present day. These constellations were made use of in their everyday activities to determine lots of things or events. For instance, they made use of them to mark seasons which they would be planting crops and harvesting them. Another thing that they did was mapping the movements of the sun, sky, stars and moon. These are primarily to ensure that celestial events such as eclipse were accurately predicted.

Urban Civilization

Today you look at some of the most beautiful cities in the world then give credits to all of the engineers and even start praising how far technology has gone. However, you fail to look at where it all started from which is Mesopotamian. They gave birth to the idea of urbanization. For the very first time, humans began settling inside a particular location. This was made a reality through the activities of agriculture which was responsible for lots of people to be fed.

People started learning the concept of trade. This paved the way for the idea of taxation. Uruk Period was when urbanization began in Mesopotamian. It was one of the few cities around back then that got built through the use of bricks that were sun dried. It had the record of having the settlement that was largest. The building was made of mud – brick.


Whatever we are doing or getting involved in today, we just can’t do without writing in other to send various messages across to our target audience. The Sumerians were the first to give birth to the idea of writing through the emergence of Cuneiform. The primary reason for this was to ensure that business records were properly maintained. Trading activities were when it was majorly made use of in other to ensure details were properly documented.

Pictograph is what Cuneiform developed as initially. This is the use of diagrams or pictures to communicate. For instance, a horse’s pictograph could be represented by the small drawing of a horse. Shape was always created for sending messages across. Remembering every character was very hard.