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If you would like to submit a book review or blog article to Hipster Book Club for possible placement on our site, then please view the below requirements:

Requirements For Book Reviews

  1. The book review must be in proper English and grammar.
  2. Reviews on offensive or adult material are not allowed.
  3. We allow one author link to your personal website but commercial links are not permitted and will likely result in rejection of your book review.
  4. Send your book review to for approval or questions.

Requirements For Blog Articles

  1. The blog article must be well-written and be in proper English with correct grammar and spelling. We may allow some leeway under certain circumstances, such as reviewing foreign books, etc.
  2. We do not allow articles with offensive or highly controversial content.
  3. We do not allow promotional links to be placed within submitted content.
  4. Send your blog article to for approval or questions.